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MCUpdater Tool (MCU) is a Minecraft modpack patcher and launcher that allows server owners to build custom modpacks that are not limited to any third party restrictions. MCUpdater is a good little Minecraft tool. Minecraft is still booming with players and even more so now then ever before after the Microsoft takeover. MCU is written in Java and works cross-platform for Windows, Linux and MacOS, basically, anywhere you can run the Java version of Minecraft, MCU will be compatible. Suffice to say, whilst MCU provides a free alternative for mod packing and providing updates for your mod files for your server, Game Launcher Creator V2 offers the best, most advanced and most professionally supported way of distributing your Minecraft mod files.

MCUpdater Tool - Minecraft Modpack Patcher and Launcher 1

MCU calls packs Serverpacks because they’re usually associated with and tailored to a specific server. Serverpacks are defined in XML and tell MCU where to download each individual mod and config file and how to install them. This means (among other things) that when you update your pack, the players don’t have to re-download the whole thing, just the parts that have changed.

MCU is written in Java, and is tested to work on Windows, OSX, and Linux clients. Anywhere you can run the standard PC Java version of Minecraft, you should be able to use MCUpdater.

For example, they explicitly state on their website “MCU is still not intended for novice server administrators” and “you must build and provide web hosting for your own pack XML”. Whilst they have a Discord server for other users to help out, you pretty much need to know what you are doing from the start with this tool.


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MCUpdater Tool - Minecraft Modpack Patcher and Launcher 3

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Universal version (Jar file – Recommended): Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

OSX version (Zip file): Download from Server 1Download from Server 2


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1.19.4 Shaders

1.19.3 Shaders

1.19.2 Shaders

1.18.2 Shaders

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1.19.4 Maps

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