Illager Revolution Mod

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) is a thrilling Minecraft mod that adds 5 new types of illagers to the game. Each one bringing its own unique abilities and tactics to the table. Along with the new illagers, the mod introduces a new tier of tools and weapons made from a durable material called Illagium, which matches diamond in strength. Additionally, the mod adds a basic magic system tied with souls, two new enchantments, and negative effects to add a new layer of strategy to your gameplay. If you’re looking for an exciting new twist on Minecraft, this is the mod for you.

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 1


  • The Illager Beast Tamer is a primitive but skilled archer who can apply negative effects and summon beasts to fight for him.
  • The Illager Miner is a crafty thief who lurks in the depths of the Overworld, stealing player resources and running away.
  • The Illager Scavenger is similar to the Miner but roams the Badlands and is tougher to take down.
  • The Raker is a lightning-fast beast that can deal a lot of damage and apply crippling injuries but can’t take much a beating, they can also be tamed with puffer fish if they’re weakened enough.
  • The Blade Knight Illager is a powerful necromancer from a new order of knights that’s seeking to unite illagers once again and dominate the Overworld.


  • Death Bound:
    • Entities bound to die will leave a smoke trail and summon runes whenever they receive damage.
    • If a non player entity dies while bound, their soul will remain, and blade knights can use it to resurrect fallen allies as undead minions and heal themselves.
    • If a player dies while death bound, any nearby undead creatures will get healed and receive a speed buff
  • Deep Wound:
    • Deep Wounds can progress and worsen if they’re applied to an entity already suffering from it.
    • Tier 1: Running will damage the entity and make them leave a trail of blood behind them
    • Tier 2: The damage taken from running is slightly increased and any type of healing will get canceled
      Tier 3: The entity will explode into a fountain of blood taking a moderate amount of damage and lose the effect


  • Wary Lenses: Can be applied to Scavenger Goggles, it has 3 tiers and it will increase the distance at which enemies are detected by the glasses by 5 each level.
  • Serrated Edge: Can be applied to Illagium swords, it’ll make enemies hit recieve the Tier 2 Deep Wound effect. It’s incompatible with Sharpness


Miner and Scavenger

  • Both the Miner and Scavenger will try to steal the player’s valuable resources such as raw ores or Ingots.
  • After successfully stealing resources they’ll attempt to incapacitate the player by blinding, burning or pushing them away.
  • If killed, they will drop any stolen player resources and sometimes their headwear
  • They’re both unable to spawn or participate in raids.

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 2

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 3

Beast Tamer

  • Beast Tamers have access to poison and claw arrows that hinder players while keeping a safe distance
  • They can spawn both in raids and jungle biomes
  • If threatened they can summon a Raker to aid them in battle, this has a long cooldown, but if let alone they can quickly overwhelm players with multiple beasts
  • When slain, Beast Tamers have a moderate chance of dropping claw arrows, a new type of projectile that can apply the “Deep Wound” effect on players and mobs

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 4


  • Rakers have sharp claws that can apply the “Deep Wound” effect on players
  • If brought down to low health they can be tamed with puffer fish
  • When tamed, Rakers can be equipped with body and claw armor to increase their damage and defense respectively
  • If slain they will drop “Raker Claws” which can be used to craft a new type of arrow that will apply the “Deep Wound” effect
  • They’re infertile so take good care of them as they can’t have any offspring

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 5

Blade Knight:

  • The Blade Knight is a powerful unit capable of turning the tides of an entire raid just on his own
  • Blade Knights only appear in high level raids, so you can avoid them if you’re not ready to take on them yet
  • They wield a powerful Illagium sword inscribed with ancient runes that give them necromantic powers, they’re able to resurrect fallen allies to fight once again, absorb souls to heal themselves and buff their undead allies
  • If an enemy is out of reach, they can throw a teleporting projectile that will bring any hit creature closer to them
  • Asides from their magic abilities, Blade Knights also wear armors that make them impervious to damage from certain types of weak materials like wood, stone, gold and iron
  • Their helmets also have sharp horns that can disable shields temporarily
  • If slain, there’s a small chance that they will drop their weapon

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 6

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 7

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 8

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 9

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 10

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 11

Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod

Illagium Upgradable Tools

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 12

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 13Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 14Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 15Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 16

Illagium Upgradable Helmets

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 17

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 18

Raker Armors

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 19

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 20Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 21Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 22Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 23

Raker Claws

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 24

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 25Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 26Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 27Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 28


Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 29

Illager Revolution Mod (1.18.2) - Thrilling Illagers 30


Minecraft Forge

GeckoLib Mod

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